Quick Culverts - Standard Range

The Quick Culvert – Standard Range is structurally equivalent to the Premium Range but features a much simpler butt-joint but with a concrete collar around the arch to ensure that there is no lateral movement between culverts.

The Standard Range is intended for applications where a sealed joint is not required and where either flush joint pipes or box culverts with precast concrete bases are being considered.

Quick Culvert 900 - Standard

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Quick Culvert 1200 - Standard

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The Quick Culvert systems for a single cell culvert consists of:

  • Standard arch units which are nominally 2.4 m in length with spigot and socket ends.
  • A spigot arch unit which has a spigot at both ends allowing for connection to the headwall and standard arch units.
  • Single piece monolithic headwalls which are connected to the end arch units.
  • Cut-off walls which bolt to the end of the headwalls.

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