Padman Quick Culverts

Quick and easy to install, built to last.

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We are excited to introduce Quick Culverts to the market!

Faster, easier, more economical

Quick Culverts are used in the same applications where box culverts are used. They are faster, easier and more economical to install than traditional box culverts. They can be installed faster than box culverts.

No extra concrete insitu pads required. Just place on level ground and backfill over the top, for instant vehicle access

Standard Range

The Quick Culvert – Standard Range is structurally equivalent to the Premium Range but features a much simpler butt-joint except with a concrete collar around the arch to ensure that there is no lateral movement between culverts.

The Standard Range is intended for applications where a sealed joint is not required and where either flush joint pipes or box culverts with precast concrete bases are being considered.

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Premium Range

The Quick Culvert– Premium Range has been specifically developed to comply with all state road specifications and has been approved for use in state controlled projects. The joint has been specially designed to provide both a shear connection between units and a water-tight seal via a pre-lubricated gasket in the culvert joint. This same joint is utilized in between the end culverts and the headwalls with galvanized steel brackets to make sure the wingwall stays in place. A separate precast concrete cut-off wall is then bolted to the end of the apron of the headwall for erosion control. 

The design and manufacture of the units generally complies with the TMR Standard Specification MRTS24 Manufacture of Precast Concrete Culverts with some modifications to suit the arch rather than the box culvert shape.


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Why Padman Quick Culverts?

Design Certified

Quick and Easy to Install

Cost Effective

Strong, Arch Shape Design