Quick Culverts - Premium Range


The Quick Culvert– Premium Range has been specifically developed to comply with all state road specifications and has been approved for use in state controlled projects. 

The joint has been specially designed to provide both a shear connection between units and a water-tight seal via a pre-lubricated gasket in the culvert joint. This same joint is utilized in between the end culverts and the headwalls with galvanized steel brackets to make sure the wingwall stays in place. A separate precast concrete cut-off wall is then bolted to the end of the apron of the headwall for erosion control. 

The design and manufacture of the units generally complies with the TMR Standard Specification MRTS24 Manufacture of Precast Concrete Culverts with some modifications to suit the arch rather than the box culvert shape.

Quick Culvert 1200 - Premium

Available NOW!

Quick Culvert 3300 - Premium

Available June 2024

The Quick Culvert systems for a single cell culvert consists of:

  • Standard arch units which are nominally 2.4 m in length with spigot and socket ends.
  • A spigot arch unit which has a spigot at both ends allowing for connection to the headwall and standard arch units.
  • Single piece monolithic headwalls which are connected to the end arch units.
  • Cut-off walls which bolt to the end of the headwalls.

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