Custom Work

Custom precast solutions for your next civil or construction project.

Our specialty at Padman Quick Culverts is custom precast solutions. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach may not work in all circumstances. We can therefore work alongside Project Engineers to develop the perfect solution for any project. Big or small. Straightforward or complex.

We build moulds fast, within Australia, and can get your custom precast concrete products into production and onto your site when you need them.

Fast turnaround times, guaranteed.

Our expert team can work with you to get the results you need, helping you get the job done faster, with less resources, labour and cost.

Need custom precast solutions?

Simply get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your unique and precise requirements for a speedy turnaround. The right solution will be designed and manufactured on our local sites.

Strict quality control

Our team takes quality seriously. All our products, whether they’re off the shelf or customised to you, go through a highly specialised manufacturing process, with vigorous testing and quality control procedures.

Every step of the culvert manufacturing process is overseen by our inhouse Civil Project Manager and Project Engineer.

All to ensure that you can rely on a perfect end product, helping you to produce the best results possible, for your next project.

We create moulds fast

We have the ability to build moulds quickly, for a fast turnaround of custom jobs. We work with local engineers to build our moulds right here in Australia.

Therefore, providing local manufacturing jobs while getting you the products you need, fast.

Quick and easy delivery and installation

Once your custom-built products have been manufactured, we’ll organise hassle-free delivery to your site within Australia for quick and easy installation.

We’re here to help with custom precast solutions for your next civil or construction project.

Get in touch with the team to see how our products can help you get the job done, far quicker and more easily, than ever before.