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Who We Are

Concrete culverts installed 30% faster

Padman Stops has been “The Farmers’ Friend” for over 30 years, transforming water efficiency for farmers and reducing labour, time and cost with innovative products and technology.

One of these innovative products is the MaxiFlow Culvert. These unique flat-bottomed concrete pipes and culverts offer some of the highest flow rates and best water efficiency rates available and have been utilised in farms right across Australia since 2002.
With so much success transforming efficiencies within Agriculture over so many years, it soon became apparent that similar pipe products could be used to transform efficiency within Civil Engineering applications too.

Padman Quick Culverts were born.

Padman Quick Culverts are accredited to meet the Australian industry standards for Quality, Safety and Environment. Their unique single-piece design (with headwall, base and culvert, all-in-one) can be laid 30% faster than competitor products. They can be laid directly on crushed rock; their flat-bottomed design is self-levelling, and you can drive over them the minute they’re installed.

Our Vision

To inspire and develop the precast concrete product for tomorrow – while creating more Australian jobs through local Australian manufacturing.

Our Mission

To provide a range of affordable, cleverly designed and functional pre-cast concrete products for today’s future, that are quick and easy to install – therefore enhancing efficiency and productivity within the civil engineering sector.


The visionaries and driving force behind Padman Quick Culverts are father and son team, John and Shawn Padman.

John Padman


John grew up on a dairy farm so was well versed in the challenges of farming from an early age. Long hours, muddy fields and tricky, manually operated equipment were always a constant battle.

In the 1980’s he developed his first solution to a pressing farming problem – flood irrigation gates that leaked and an entirely manual operation – with the creation of the ‘Padman Stop’. Later, in 2002, he developed the unique flat-bottomed MaxiFlow Culvert, which dramatically improved on-farm efficiencies.

With a few minor alterations (to meet accreditation standards), it’s this culvert that is set to also transform efficiencies within civil engineering applications too. John is truly dedicated to asking questions and challenging the standard ways of doing things – to develop products that make civil projects easier, while ensuring manufacturing stays local.

With over 30 years of innovation and manufacturing experience, you can rest assured that your projects will be in very safe hands.


Shawn Padman


Shawn was inspired by his father’s passion for designing innovative irrigation solutions and officially joined the business in 2008.

He successfully worked his way through several roles within the company, before becoming General Manager.

Shawn has been pivotal to driving company growth, to seek out new markets to diversify the business.

He is deeply passionate about looking after their employees, developing each person, with an emphasis on effective leadership and team building, and establishing a strong, cohesive and happy culture.

For Shawn, it’s all about sustainability. Listening to Civil Engineers and industry representatives to develop new solutions, while empowering their team to perform at the top of their game.

Our Friendly Team Can Help
John Padman


Shawn Padman


Julie Conway

Civil Project Manager

Taha Yamuc

Project Engineer

Why we’re different

At Padman Quick Culverts, we’re all about supporting the civil engineering industry. Transforming efficiency and making the job easier and less labour intensive.

We’re continually innovating, and we love talking to you. To understand your challenges and roadblocks – and to come up with unique solutions that actually work in the way that you need.

We also:

  • Are 100% Australian family owned and operated.
  • Have manufacturing plants in both Victoria and Queensland.
  • Can deliver Australia wide.
  • Offer custom work for complex projects to ensure you get the exact end result you need.


Padman Stops and Padman Quick Culverts are fully accredited to Australian standards, including:


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