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‘There has to be a better way…’

‘There has got to be a better way’ has always been John Padman’s (Founder & Director) approach to life and business. And that ‘motto’ has guided the Padman Groups incredible journey of product innovation for over 30 years.

Now, with Padman Quick Culverts, our approach is no different. We’ve created a culvert pipe that makes civil engineering projects, far easier, than ever before. And there’s bound to be more products in future.

Here’s how our team are constantly innovating:



The team at Padman Quick Culverts challenge everything and tackle problems head on. They talk to those in the industry to gain valuable insights and feedback. And they never hesitate in working to find better ways of doing things.

No matter how things have been done in the past or how they’re done now – every process and every product is scrutinised for effectiveness and efficiencies.
As a result – any gaps and issues are identified.


Once the team uncovers a particular problem – their Research & Development team get to work on designing products that provides an effective solution.

Maximising efficiency and ease of installation and use, in the process.


Once an effective product has been designed on paper, it’s time to get to work to build the first prototypes.

Every step of the manufacturing process is closely monitored to ensure quality and safety, and to develop a sustainable, repeatable process.

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Precast concrete culverts are our middle name. We’ll help you get the job done, faster and easier, than ever before.